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The Ambush. Part Nine.

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Dex called and told us the police ambushed Michael and Michelle's trailer. Michael was arrested on-site. They did not arrest Michelle. But Michael was not who they were looking for. They were looking for Dex. Come to find out, that is why Dex's sense of emergency to check-in to treatment was immediate. His paranoia was correct. The drug task force had been watching their home. Michelle had called Dex for help. She needed help bonding Michael out of jail. The bond was very high. I do not recall the exact amount. It was sufficient enough that they watched Michelle's every see what her following move would be. While all this was going on, we dropped Aleena off at school. Aleena missed the bus due to our lack of time management. I walked Aleena into school and signed her in. After, Janine was hell-bent on driving to their trailer to see the damage and obtain any remaining dope. I did not think it was a good idea. We had lil' Dex in the van with us-he was four years old. Janine pulled into the gravel driveway. I sat in the car with lil' Dex. About an hour later, I am tired of waiting in the car. Janine was not answering my phone calls. I wanted to leave. I was scared they were watching me, and I would be arrested for involvement in their drug ring. I unbuckled lil' Dex's seatbelt and picked him up. I positioned him on my hip with his legs wrapped around me. I walked to the front door and opened it. I could not tell a difference in the home since the raid. It was mis-mashed before the police investigated it. I said Janine's name. She was in the back bedroom squandering through items on the floor. I asked her to come on. She had found more methamphetamine. Her brain was more scattered than before. We walked out. I buckled lil' Dex back in his car seat. Now, she had errands to run and laundry to wash before the bus drop off. Once again, due to our lack of time management, A neighbor walked Aleena home from the school bus drop off. We hurried to get back. Janine was good friends with her neighbor. She frequently helped Janine out with babysitting the kids. Dex is continually calling for us to come visit him. I wanted his dope, so we left the apartment for a visit. Him and Janine were non-stop fighting.

(The facility Dex was at new them both. Apparently, they had been there before to detox. I was appalled. The program was nothing like I had previously experienced with treatments centers. The residents had access to their phones, and it was not strict. It appeared to be a free-for-all scenario.)

We walked in with the kids to see Dex in a small area in front of the admissions desk. When Dex walked down the hall, Aleena ran and jumped into his arms! Lil' Dex sat in his lap a couple of minutes while Aleena tried to nosy herself down the hall. We talked and I asked him for the remaining dope. We had not been Dex's only visitors. He was selling the methamphetamine out of the rehab. It was ridiculous! Dex had a slick mouth and could talk the staff into allowing him to have random visitors. As my papa Patterson would say, "this beat all I have ever seen!" He walked to his room and came back with the dope. He discreetly handed it to me. I put it in my jacket. We said our goodbyes.

(Dex was tired and needed a couple of days to recoup from the days of little sleep. It was a mini vacation to him. He did not have the urgency to help Michael. Michelle told Dex; Michael had been interrogated. Dex was selfish and wanted to cover his own self. He knew Michael would not 'rat' him out. He planned to stay for a few more days. He wanted the police to move forward to their next target and his parole officer not to report him. If he was in treatment, it showed he was putting effort into cleaning up his life.)

We get back in the van and Janine asked if Dex had given me the dope. I told her yes. She was happy. Dex had previously told her, "You are not getting my dope you cunt!" Janine drove us to Walmart so she could get a few groceries. She was now paranoid the task force was watching our every move- picking out vehicles she "knew" were following us. We could not leave the dope in the car. She asked to carry it. I told her no. I put it down my pants. At least, I had a jacket on to cover me. We left Walmart.

I started to get paranoid. I was ready to go back to Atlanta. I became anxious all the time. I wanted to be locked in the apartment. I would stare out the window, the world seemed so obsolete. I continued to gaze at the bathroom mirror accessing my teeth and skin while peeping out the window for the police. I felt tainted. I asked Dex to give me gas money so I could drive back. He did not want me to leave, and felt I was not equipped to drive in the snowy weather, especially with Betsy and my driving record. I did not care. I had one agenda. Get the hell out of West Virgina. There was one problem. I could not find my car keys...


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