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Reckless Tragedy. The Folly Beach Accident.

A few days ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and read about the tragedy. A bride was killed on a golf cart by a drunk driver following her wedding reception. I stopped scrolling. I read more details and my heart immediately felt heavy. I thought, "Oh my goodness, what a reckless tragedy." This is sad and tragic for everyone involved. I thought about the bride's family, the groom, friends, and family who said their goodbyes to the newly wedded couple as they drove away in the 'Just Married' golf cart to continue their celebration of love. The pictures from the wedding looked like a fairytale dream come true. I felt sicken in the pit of my stomach.

Then, I thought about the drunk driver who was identified at the young age of twenty-five. She was intoxicated, impaired, and careless. I could not help but pray to God for protecting me from such an awful life-changing event. Because...I identified with her. (Justice will be served and rightfully so.) But I thought about that young girl who got in her car late that Friday evening while out with friends, who never imagined she would have taken so many lives by careless driving and one moment of lapse in judgment including her own. My mind gracefully went to her parents and the anger, sadness, and heartbreaking devastation they felt too. Because if we are being honest with ourselves- it could have happened to any of us. Have you ever unknowingly or intentionally drove after having a little 'too much' to drink. For most people, the answer is yes. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. PERIOD. After two drinks within an hour for a woman of my statue you are impaired. You may not 'feel' like it, but your brain has slower reaction times.

This is a reckless tragedy that could have been avoided. I challenge you to pray for all who were involved and affected. It is easy for us to throw hate toward the DUI driver and wish death upon her because of the lives she has taken. I promise you, if she has any kind of heart, having to live with the guilt and shame will be catastrophic. Like I said, justice will be served. But-nothing can bring the loved-ones back to life. I pray for healing for everyone. I pray that God will bind up their wounds and heal their broken hearts. I pray for forgiveness. I know, had it been one my children's life cut short by a reckless tragedy I would have a very difficult time forgiving and healing. So, I pray, because faith is the answer; especially when we are desperate for rebut, justice, and left with the holes in our heart by the loss of a loved one.

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