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Lindsay Clancy. The Mom Killer.

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

I was on the phone with a friend who said, "Have you heard? A mother killed her three children." I do not watch the news. For reasons of this nature. I am tired of hearing about killings. I usually do not pay it no mind. This story piqued my interest. I am a mother of three. Although, I was never diagnosed, I too, suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of my twins'.

I later google; mom of three killed her kids. Lindsay Clancy's family pictures appeared with a statement from her husband asking the nation to forgive her. As I observe the pictures; I see this beautiful, young mother who appears happy, loving, and content while holding her children. I see me. I see every mom in America. I see the mom's I have witnessed at a park or pool tending to the needs of their children. I see the laughs, frustration, cry outs, joy, and sadness.

I do not know what Lindsay was going through and what possessed her to kill her children. But I do know she needs our prayers. I do know she must have been in massive agonizing pain with extreme mental illness. I do know that is nothing but the devil's work. I do know that God can prevail through any tragedy.

I hope this will bring awareness to postpartum depression. So many women suffer from "baby blues", postpartum depression and in extreme cases, postpartum psychosis. So many women suffer in silence. So many women feel guilty. It is okay not to

feel okay. Seek help. You are not alone.

Like I had mentioned, I too suffered from postpartum after the birth of my twin boys. I had THREE children under a year old. I was overwhelmed. I was lonely. I never had thoughts of hurting them, but I had major anxiety with bouts of depression. It led me down a dark road to alcoholism. Lift up your mommy friends and check in on each other. Support each other. The saying is true, "It takes a village."

“Mothering is the gospel lived out as you hold your child’s heart in beauty, prayer, and patience. It’s not the big decision, but the little ones, trusting God through it all.”

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So heartbreaking 💔 I am just devastated for her, those sweet babies, their Daddy and their whole family. What an awful tragedy.


Cindy Mooney
Cindy Mooney

Praying for this family I can only imagine the private hell she is living in thank you for sharing God bless you


Crystal Perkins
Crystal Perkins

Depression and mental illness is a real thing. It’s so hard to tell who is struggling because they are normally people pleasers and smile and laugh and try not to bring attention to the dark side. Thank you for sharing this!

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