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The Arrests. Part Three.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

As Dex and I stood in the grass, by the side of the road, an officer walks up to me.

Officer: Ma'am I need to open the trunk. Where is the key to open the trunk?

Me: I am sorry, but I do not have a key to open it. I cannot open the trunk. It is locked and when I lost my keys a few weeks ago, the locksmith had to make me another one and the key he made will not open the trunk.

Dex: Sir she is telling the truth. That is why her suitcase is in the backseat. Sir we are not here causing any problems. Like I said, I went to Georgia to get my baby sister and we are traveling back to West Virginia where I live.

Officer: You need to tell me how to get into the trunk, otherwise; I will have to take extreme measures to pry it open.

Me: Sir it is an older vehicle. I am sure you can get into the trunk through the backseat.

By this time, the hood of the car is up, every door is open, officers have surrounded the vehicle. They assume, Dex is carrying a large number of drugs. I am his decoy, and we are moving a large quantity of drugs through the state. The Officers had already found the paraphernalia. One officer reads me my rights as I hold up my hands. He arrests me. But allows my arms to remain in front of me with my wrists cuffed. He walks me over to one of the police cars. He opens the door. I sit down in the backseat. The car door remains open as he begins to nicely interrogate me.

Me: What exactly are you arresting me for? I have not done anything.

Officer: Ms. Wilson, we found paraphernalia in the car. Is it yours?

Me: What? No. I did drink the vodka, but I was not driving. I do not know what you are talking about. (I am trying my best to play the dumb blonde)

Officer: Ms. Wilson, who had the pipe?

Me: I do not know. It is not mine.

Officer: Is it your brothers?

Me: No. I did not know a pipe was in the car.

Officer: The vehicle is yours, correct?

Me: Yes.

Officer: You do realize if you do not tell me who the pipe belongs to, I have to charge you.

Me: It must have been the guy that was with my brother. He was high on drugs, so we left him in Atlanta. He left it in the car. It is not ours. I do not use drugs.

I begin to explain the story of Joe. The officer listens. He tells me he is going to ask my brother about Joe. He closes my door.

Meanwhile, another officer did a pat-down search on my brother-He did not find the drugs stuck up in his butt. He arrested Dex. They kept us separated for good reason. Dex's arresting officer asked the same questions. Dex had responded with the same answers. My arresting officer walks back over to me. Opens up my door.

Officer: Ms. Wilson your brother is claiming he does not know either. I do not know if Joe even exists. I do know there is paraphernalia in your vehicle. One of you or both of you will be charged. If the pipe is not yours, you need to tell me the truth. It belongs to your brother, doesn't?

Me: I already told you. I do not know.

The back and forth with the officer continues. He shuts my door and walks away.

I did not want to tell on Dex simply because I knew it would be a violation of his parole. He would return to prison, and I would feel guilty. He had traveled all that way to help me. I could not snitch on him.

Dex's arresting officer lets him know I would be charged with a felony if he did not speak up. In West Virginia, paraphernalia is not a misdemeanor. The officer tells him if he claimed possession of the pipe I would be charged with public intoxication and let out of jail by evening. When they told Dex that. He claimed the pipe and took the charge.

Officer: Ms. Wilson your brother said the pipe was his. You are charged with public intoxication.

Me: Okay.

Officer: Is there anything you need from the vehicle. A purse?

Me: My phone.

I am panic-stricken. I am going to jail in Virginia. I have no money. My car is being impounded. My brother is going to jail, and the likely hood of him getting out is none. I start praying one of my "save me" prayers to God. I am begging God to please work a miracle.

The officer's drive Dex and I separately to a nearby building. We are out in the middle of nowhere. I am walked to a small room. The officer uncuffs me. He tells me to take a seat. I do not know what is about to happen. Dex slowly walked in the room with shackles around his ankles and his hands behind his back.

Dex: Sister, you owe me forever!

Me: Shut up. That was not my pipe.

Dex: You smoked it didn't you! What the hell is going to happen here? Ya'll letting us go.

We were brought here first because the jail was two hours away. And Dex had a videochat with the judge to determine if he would receive bail. He is making jokes with the officers. I am scared out-of-my mind. I wanted to punch him in the face.

Dex: Why in the hell Ya'll letting my sister out of cuffs? She is the criminal! Hell, she was arrested a couple of days ago. Sisterrrrrrrr! But I am not going to lie-my RAP sheet is tall as you.

Me: Shut up. This is serious Dex. What am I going to do if they do not let you out.

Dex: Sister, do not worry. I will have you taken care of. I will make a call to my boy. He will take care of you. We are "brothers", and he owes me a favor. I will make sure you get to West Virginia.

Me: I am to rely on your drug partner? This is fucking great. I am calling Daddy to come get me.

Dex: No. You cannot Hope. I promise I will take care of you. Sister, promise me right now you will not call him or mama! Promise me!

Me: I am going to kill you, Dex! This is all your fought! You should not have come to pick me up with drugs in the car with that freak show, so-called friend of yours! You are an idiot!

Dex: Oh, I am never do anything for you again. I was trying to save your life! If I had not come you would be dead in some hotel room.

Me: You think this is all fun and games! I am not use to this crap. Dex, I am scared. How much money do you have left?

Dex: Not enough. He asks the officer if he could use his cellphone while we wait. The officer removes the handcuffs from behind him. He allows Dex to be cuffed from the front. He calls Michael, his boy.

Dex is on the phone with Michael making jokes.

Dex: I got you covered Hope. When you get out of jail tonight, Michael's wife will book you a room to stay in. If I make bail, you will hangout and wait for Michael to transfer you the money to get me out. If not, Janine's stupid ass will have to come get you. How much money do you have?

Me: I spent all my money a few days ago. This sounds promising.

(Eric and I had separate banking accounts. Although, I would have never taken money away from my children for this. The kids were always well taken care of. I was not that selfish.)

Dex: Trust me sister he will follow through. Sir can my sister write down a number please. This really is not her life. I do not want her on the streets. I have to protect her.

Officer: Yes. Ms. Wilson is there anyone you want to call?

He hands me a piece of paper and pen.

Me: I guess not. I am relying on my idiotic brother to figure this one out. It is like an episode of dumb and dumber!

The officer laughs. Dex is high and will not shut up. I am mortified.

Dex: Hope, did you ever think we would ever be arrested together? This one goes down in the history books! Damn, I never did. You used to be this perfect angel! (Laughing)

Me: Will you please shut the hell up! You get on my nerves. This is not time for jokes, Dex.

Dex is sitting in the chair next to me. I lean over and punch Dex on the arm.

Officer: Ma'am you cannot lay hands on another person in custody. You can be charged with assault.

Well, as you can imagine, Dex and I are hysterically laughing now. This is Dex's opportune moment for him to make fun of me even more.

Dex: My sister assaulted me! Charge her! Hope, you are like the hulk! I did not know you had that strength!

Me: Shut up! (Laughing)

Finally, the judge appeared on a medium size screen hung on the wall. Dex is calm, cool, and collective when she appears. I begin praying.

Judge: Mr. Mims you are charged with possession of paraphernalia and violating your parole.

Dex: Yes ma'am.

Dex begins explaining his circumstance. He is the older brother coming to save his baby sister-the damsel in distress. The judge buys in on his story and sets bail. After the meeting is closed, we began celebrating! We were the only two people in this small room with two officers. To say the least, they received their entertainment for the day. A few minutes later, another officer walked in. That officer began placing shackles on my ankles. This is pure entertainment for my brother! I stood up the best I could. Dex is continually laughing.

Dex: Sister, Ain't we some damn criminals! Sir, Will you give my sister the remaining money out of my wallet.

The officer takes out the last twenty dollars and puts it with my belongings, my cellphone. Dex and I have twenty dollars to our name. That is, it. I have no clue where all the money went. I am not sure if Dex stole all of the electronics from Walmart. He had to have spent money somewhere!

Me: Thank you, Brother. This cannot be all the money we have left. Twenty dollars will not get us out of the state after buying gas. This is not funny! What if your "boy" does not answer. I get out, and I am on the streets with nothing!

Dex: Chill out Hopie Dopie. I promise, you will be taken care of. He will answer. What would mama and daddy say now.

Me: They would disown us.

We are walked outside. A white van is waiting for us. It is divided in the back by metal bars. One side is for the men and the other for women. We climb in and get seated. Dex calms down and gets quiet. I do not say a word. Tears begin rolling down my face. I am overwhelmed with sadness as I think about Bentley, Everett, and Cooper. I closed my eyes and pictured myself holding them. They slept with me at bedtime. I envisioned Bentley on my right side, Cooper on the left, and Everett in between my legs. I prayed to God for strength, protection, and for my babies. Even in all the chaos, when I was quiet with my own thoughts, and reality set in-it was debilitating.

The drive was long. We finally arrive to a courthouse. The driver had to pick up inmates from court. I was not enthused. As inmates board on, I am trying to keep my personal space. The girls who sat down beside me were loud and obnoxious. I thought, "this cannot be my life." Dex starts making conversation. He does not meet a stranger. I, on the other hand, am an introvert. I am quiet, shy, and reserved until I let you in my bubble. I was very uncomfortable. One of the girls said, "Where are you from? You do not look like you belong here. You got pretty teeth." I smiled and said thanks, I do not belong here. The look on my face, I am sure of, was priceless. I wanted to be invisible.

Meanwhile, Dex is making friends with the convicts. He decided it is a good idea to get his dope from his butt. I do not know the tricks he has! Somehow, he manages to get the meth out of the plastic bag, eat some, and give the rest away! He assumed when he entered the jail for booking, they would strip search him. He did not want to accumulate more charges. All I hear is his voice getting louder and louder. I am incredibly aggravated at him and the whole situation I had gotten myself in. He was laughing, joking around while I am wanting to strangle him! I am worried. I am about to get booked into a Virginia jail: I have no clue what city I am in. I am relying on a drug dealer to answer the phone when I get out. I do not know where my car is being taken except that it is two hours away and I am still high. This is not good.

I felt like I was lost at sea. My boat had sunk. I was treading water. I was tired. My body had had enough. But my mind was telling me to push forward. It was my fight of faith. What would I do? Would God send me a lifeboat? Did I trust him enough to hold on? To hold on for one more moment, minute, hour, or month? Did I have the faith to be saved.

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