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Motel 6. Part Four.

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

The bus arrived at the jail. An officer opened the door for the ladies to walk out.

(I think, here we go again. I hope this jail is not like Gwinnett County.)

Me: Dex! You hear me?

Dex: Yes Sister. Everything is going to be fine! I love you.

Me: Easy for you to say. I love you, brother. Make sure you call me in a few hours.

Dex: I am, Hope.

Me: You better get in touch with your boy and make sure he answers my phone call, or I am calling Daddy.

Dex: You better not!

I walk off the bus through a set of metal doors. Metal detectors are on each side of me. Then, I am walked to the booking area. I received a pat-down. I am fingerprinted. The usual inmate protocols. The set-up was different. It has a large desk in the back of the room. In the middle of the room, there are telephones set up. On the left side of the room are a few jail cells. An officer walked me toward a cell.

Me: Will you please put me in a cell by myself? I have never been to jail before. This is very scary for me.

The officer did not say a word. He opened the door to an empty cell. I told him thank you. The cell was completely empty. I laid on the concrete floor in fetal position. I tried my best to go to sleep. I desperately wanted to take a nap and awake to another life. My mind continued to race. I honestly did not know what the next 24hrs held. I felt like I was drowning; beginning to gasp for air. I prayed, God please let me have a hotel room and get there safely tonight. A couple of hours later, an officer opened the door. "Wilson, I have to move you." I followed the officer out of the cell into the next one. There were about six, loud ladies in the holding cell. I walked to the corner of the room, sit down with my knees to my chest. It was not long after, my name was called to be released. I walked out to the desk. Claimed my items. Dex is standing in the open area where the telephones are. I was happy to see him. He is extremely high, angry, and cursing at the phone.

Dex: Hope, go to the Motel 6. It is right down the street. They already paid for your room. It is in Michael's wife's name. Call them.

Me: Okay. Thank goodness. Why are you so angry?

Dex: Because I am trying to get money for bail. He does not have enough money for the room and to pay my bail. He has to go make a run. That son of bitch better hurry up and answer my damn phone calls. Tell him he better fucking answer me when I call.

Me: Okay, chill out. You are so freaking loud right now. Damn.

Dex: Keep your phone on you.

Me: No shit. (laughing)

I asked an officer, at the desk, if they had someone that would please drop me off at the Motel 6. He told me no. He will have an officer drop me off across the street at Walmart. I wait patiently for an officer to escort me out to a van. I get in. I am dropped off at the nearby Walmart, but it is not across the street. It is about a half of a mile down the road. I was happy to be out of jail. I start walking. It is at night and not the safest part of town. I walk to a nearby gas station to purchase cigarettes. I then walk down the street to the Motel 6. I am not thrilled. I had never stayed in what I called a low-class motel. I am a little bit weary. I start having thoughts of someone kidnapping me. I thought, this is a place where "drug people" hangout. Anything could happen- because, you know, I am not one of them people.

{Back then, I had different categories of drug addicts. I had to learn the hard way; we are all the same. God humbled me. I needed it. I am no different than the man on the street with the cardboard sign in Jesus' eyes or the preacher at my local church. Status, money, material possessions no longer captivate me. Are those things nice to have-absolutely, but at the end of the day, I no longer search for things of this world. I long for God, meaningful relationships, helping others, and sharing God's heart which is love. Pure love. Calming affection. I searched the things of this world. It almost cost me my life.}

I walk up to the front desk. It is a foreign man working. I tell him my name and that someone booked my room for me. He said, "no one under that name." I tell him Michael's wife's name, Michelle. He pulled up the reservation. He asked for my license. I tell him I do not have it on me. I begin to call Michelle. After a few calls, she answers. I tell I need her license for the room. She sends me a picture of her license. I get the key to the room. I am no longer anxious. At least for a couple of hours. I walk into the room. I sit down on the bed, light a cigarette, and begin to play sad Blue October songs. I text Michelle thank you. I was very surprised someone would do all this for Dex. Dex is hard to handle, especially when things are not going his way. And when he is high-every emotion is ten times amplified. My phone rings. There is a collect call from the "blank" jail. Press one to connect.

Dex: Hope, call Michael and figure out when he is going to get you that money. I am ready to get out of here. And call around to bondsmen. I cannot find one that will take the risk. The ones I called said I was too much of a fucking flight risk. Can you believe that shit? Find me one asap!!

Me: Okay. What are we going to do when you get out? Is he sending enough money to get us back to West Virgina. We have to get Betsy (my car), that is two hours away and pay the impound fee.

Dex: We will figure all that out later. First thing first, you have to get me out before the judge revokes my bond and I am screwed. (He is paranoid)

Me: Okay, I will do my best.

I hung up the phone. I called four local bond companies. All tell me no. This is a clusterfuck.

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