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As I was browsing Facebook this morning, I came across "Mommy needs wine" caption. And that was ME... for years. I remember the first drink I ever had. It was a Spark! Lol and I loved how it made all my anxiety and anxious thoughts go away. I didn't have a care in the World. I Remember at 18 years old, waking up and feeling like I should be 'cautious' because I loved it. Fast Forward at age 27 it had completely taken over my life. I loved red wine, Shiraz was my favorite. I looked forward to my bottle or bottles with shots of vodka every night. I masked it with 'mommy needs a drink phase'. Until I needed a drink to make the shakes go away in the morning. I needed a drink to feel "normal." I needed a drink not to get sick. I needed a drink to do any daily functions which led to me passed out, in a blur or mixing drugs as I would refer to as "Mommy's Cocktail." It was a miserable way to live!!! What Mommy's DO NOT need is a handful of cocktails to get through their day. Not that I judge, because if I could just have one, believe I would!!! Lol Take Care of Yourselves! If Mommy Ain't Happy ... Nobody IS!!!

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