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Give Yourself a Break #mommysneedtimeoutstoo


My favorite name is Mama. I hear it called hundreds of times a day. Sometimes, when I have become over stimulated with three kids running around, I tell them I have changed my name! My name is no longer Mama! They laugh. And scream it to the top of their lungs. I laugh, but I am seriously, tapped out.

Have you ever felt that way?

It is the same concept after I have cooked a good dinner that no one eats because they have been snacking all day. I sternly say, kitchen is closed! No more. I am done cleaning up after you guys. Done! They laugh!

I am in need of a time-out.

I did not know when my kids were younger that it is okay to take a few minutes for myself. Now, I do. And guess what? I do. They are happier, and I can refuel.

I did not now that it is perfectly fine to leave the kids for a date night and actually enjoy yourself without feeling guilty. It is necessary to take time for self-care and time for your husband. Your children and your marriage will highly benefit from it. I felt the "mom guilt" that I needed to be there with my kids every waking moment. And the times, I was not with them; I was constantly checking on them. To make sure they were okay, in case, one of the grandparents forgot how to take care of a baby!!! I aggravated my mama so much. She would say, "Hope, did you forget I had you and two more. I know what I am doing!" I was anal. I wanted to make sure they were being fed, burped (I didn't want them having indigestion) and were able to sleep.

It was ridiculous! I wanted to do it all. I wish I had taken more time-outs.

Being a mother is the hardest and most rewarding job you will ever have. It is by far, my greatest accomplishment. With that being said, take a time-out, mommy. Do something that makes you feel good and to feel like the beautiful, sexy woman that you are! Your kids and husband or significant other will all benefit!!!

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