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Truth or Lie / Poetry

If the lies keep you safe

make you feel you have the upper hand.

I will stay hushed.

Go ahead, call me names.

Am I or you the one who was insane?

It seems clear,

Who lived the fantasy.

Is it eating at you?

Did your moral compass disappear?

Revealing the darkness in you.

It is the door left unlocked.

The part you keep hidden.

I seen it from the beginning.

You betrayed you.

Do not fret.

I did not spill all the secrets.

There are many mysteries,

That go unexplained.

I will leave them as a token for you.

Are your eyes still blind to spiritual things?

The missing puzzle piece;

I was totally aware

Never was me.

Only God will give you that piece / peace.

Saying goodbye had never been easier.

Especially when I realized I was delivered from Your demons.

How could I expose the truth?

I should ask the same about you.

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