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Fourteen Days of Quarantine. Part Fourteen.

The last days of December 2020 covid became rampant at The Foundry Women's Center. People all over the world lived in fear. The confirmed data for 2020 show over 350,000 deaths from COVID-19, meaning the virus was the underlying cause of death. A virus that had taken its toll on all humankind whether directly infected or not; most people were not considered high-risk. It did not matter. This phenomenon swept the nation and the heart of America.

I tested positive. The only symptoms I had were loss of taste and fatigued. I called my mama. I had the option to go home to quarantine or stay on campus. My mama said no. Although, I knew she would say no because she managed an assisted living so having me around infected with covid would have been a very high risk; especially if she conveyed the virus into her place of work. I gathered my belongings and relocated to the fourth floor. Fourth floor was deemed the quarantine floor. I was not happy about it. But what could I do? The thought of staying cooped up for two weeks with about seven other women seemed like a nightmare. Friends or not; it is a lot. I roomed with an older lady name Ms. Sherry. We were all more concerned about her health issues. She relocated to the hospital for her breathing. We all gathered to pray; she came back a trooper! We had a laptop to watch movies and a phone. Funny thing, having a phone while allowed unlimited phone calls (for most of us) did not change our phone habits. I called my babies and Eric once a day, like always. I spent my time watching movies and sermons, reading, and eating. Luckily, there was only one bad apple of the bunch who irritated me. We had Jesus and each other. I was right where I was meant to be. All of my experiences led me to be a better woman and friend. Before the Foundry, I did not trust anyone. I felt betrayed by some of my 'good' friends in Atlanta. I did not trust my family because of the nut house shit show they through me into. I truly felt alone in my struggles and misunderstood until I made friends with a few good-hearted women who had encountered similar experiences. We shared a common comradery. Through all of our unsettled fears, insecurities, heartbreak, and loss we lifted each other. It was not... "Hope found God there because that's her environment." Or as my mama has stated on many occasions about my older brother..."Dex, always finds God while he is locked up!" We laugh because she has been correct thus far. You can have fifty women in a gated 'community' and none of them raise their hands and open their hearts to receive God's blessings.

Its cliche but appears true that an addict is either ready for change or not. Absolutely no one can make you ready here on this earth. Our father in heaven has the power and it is up to the individual to take the leap. I do not understand why some people are allowed second chances and others die on their first shot of dope. It remains a mystery. This is where your faith comes in. A common question is: Why do bad things happen to good people? Many have asked the question countless times; self-consciously or not. I know I have on many occasions. I have asked God why he spared my life. Especially when I heard news of someone I directly knew died from an overdose. It is heartbreaking. You will never understand God's ways because his ways are higher than our minds can comprehend.

Matthew 11:28-30

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

I find rest for my soul in Jesus. I did then and I do today. There have been way too many miracles and events in my life. The ONLY way to describe it is by God's supernatural power. As I prayed and sought God during quarantine I was nudged to fast again. This time for my upcoming future. I was set to leave the Foundry for my outpatient treatment in February. I had no idea where my landing would be. Of course, I was determined to reunite with my babies. Eric lived with his mom due to all the changes and he was unemployed at the time. I was desperate for a miracle.

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